A public secondary school founded on October 25, 1966 and named after Dr. Juan G. Nolasco, a former Manila Mayor. It is located at 2252 Tioco Street Barangay 91, Tondo, Manila. The current principal is Mrs. Ma. Pura S. Talattad.

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Improve student and teaching performance to the highest attainable level of competencies; cultivate a climate of shared responsibilities; partnership; collaboration among stakeholders; take a more active role in the development and implementation of appropriate school initiatives; raise schools’ own standards based on the particular needs and resources within the community; increase participation, completion, retention and achievement.

DR. JUAN G. NOLASCO HIGH SCHOOL shall have been owned and directed by the community, teachers, school administrators, students, parents and local officials actively participating in the renewal and development of Manila and the community where they belong; morally upright; equipped with necessary skills and competency and keenly aware of the fast changing world they live in.